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Jurassic Park (Microgaming)

Jurassic Park takes a huge bite out of the competition in a dinosaur themed slot that is actually good!

So we’ve covered the rest - now let's cover the best. A slot game that actually lives up to the Jurassic Park franchise - which admittedly is no easy feat.

The game has the basic 5 reel, 3 row set up, 243 ways to win - and the graphics are GLORIOUS!

You’re thrown into the jungles of Isla Nubla, alongside your favourite characters; Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm and park owner: John Hammond - being the high paying symbols. Dilophosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor and T-Rex are your other paying symbols - and their animations are stunning, while winning character symbols play clips from the movie.

The classic Jurassic Park logo takes the role of the Wild symbols, which comes in stacks - and the mosquito in amber is the scatter.

In the base game, a T-Rex alert feature begins when a T-Rex appears on screen behind the reels. Even this T-Rex is beautifully rendered and does justice to the films. While the T-Rex Alert feature is active, 35 extra wilds are thrown onto the reels - giving the player a hugely increased chance to win.

Three or more scatters triggers the Free Spins and you will be taken to one of 5 Free Spins rounds at random - each one named after the prominent dinosaurs in the film - each with 12 Free Spins.

The T-Rex Free Spins give you the Wild Reels feature, whenever the T-Rex shows up during these Free Spins, she turns up to 5 of the reels completely wild.

The Velociraptor gives players Multiplier Wilds - giving wins a multiplication of four, five or six, but it also gives players Split Wilds - where some Wilds are split into 2, giving the player the chance to land 6 of a kind - which pays double a 5 of a kind line!

Dilophosaurus will have Winning Wilds, where the dinosaur turns random spots into wild symbols which become sticky while they contribute to any wins.

Triceratops gives you Running wilds, meaning that on each Free Spin, the wild stack grows by a wild per reel. On any spins that have no wins, the full stack of wilds will hold, while partially stacked wilds will nudge to form full stacks. Remaining reels will then re-spin.

Finally, the Brachiosaurus gives a mystery multiplier - where all wins during the round are multiplied by anywhere between 2 and 6.

As if this wasn’t enough action - after you have entered the Free Spins 25 times - you get to choose which version you want to enter, so if you have a favourite exhibit - you can visit it again!

See, this is how you do a Jurassic Park - Hell, a dinosaur game in general! There so much action, it’s really like you’re taking a tour of the park - with all the thrills of the movie. Yes, I have mentioned before, I am biased - but this is my blog, my review and my opinion - if you don’t like dinosaurs, I’m not going to be able to convince you - but if you do - this should be the top of your list too.

I love this game, and if you get the chance, you should definitely check it out but remember, while you might get lucky sometimes, the casino always wins in the end!

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