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Hand of Anubis (Hacksaw) 2022

This dark take on the Egyptian themed slots is a breath of fresh air - and its features are to die (and go to the underworld) for!

Anubis, the jackal god of the underworld - never has he looked so cool and so goth as in the Hand of Anubis by Hacksaw. The very dark palette is the complete opposite of the bright colours of most other Egyptian slots.

5 columns and 6 rows are filled with 30 cascading symbols. Landing clusters of 5 or more matching symbols which clear the way for new symbols to enter. The game is extremely volatile - but the 10,000x max win is extremely alluring.

There are 10 normal tiles, with 10 through Ace being the lower 5, and 5 gem adorned Egyptian tokens are the high payers. Landing clusters of 11 or more of the high paying symbols pays out 20 to 60 times the bet staked.

The game features red and blue soul orbs in the base game, which are progressive multipliers and wilds. The red soul orb’s multiplier increases by 1 for every symbol in each winning cluster, while the blue soul orb’s multiplier increases by 1 for each winning cluster. Multipliers are then applied to any winning cluster that the soul orb is a part of - multiplying each other if more than 1 soul orb is a part of a win.

Landing 3 scatters activates the underworld bonus game. Numbers adorn the bottom of each column, which are multipliers. Whenever a win hits, the number of symbols on each reel are added to this multiplier. Anubis skulls also land with multipliers attached to them - multiplying the number at the bottom of the reel by 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10. These numbers remain inactive until they are unlocked by a green soul gem landing in the correct column - which also awards 3 more Free Spins. Each activated multiplier is then attached to all winning clusters. Each multiplier has a max value of 9,999x.

Landing 4 scatters activates the judgement bonus game. In this game, regular symbols are removed and only blank blocks and special symbols land. The bonus round is a hold and win game, with 3 spins and multipliers above each reel. When 1 of 4 potential multiplier modifier symbols land. Skulls increase the value above them by between 1 and 100, while epic skulls add between 1 and 100 to all multiplier values. Then there are the Anubis skulls which multiply the value above them by between 2 and 10, and epic Anubis skulls which multiply all values by between 2 and 10.

When an ice block lands, it is turned to a multiplier block, absorbing the multiplier value from the block above. At the end of the spin, multiplier blocks fall to the bottom, and blank blocks are removed.

Finally, there are crusher blocks, which smash all multiplier blocks beneath them, and collect all values from those crushed blocks into 1 space.

Three consecutive spins without landing a multiplier block, multiplier modifier or crusher block ends the game - landing any of these resets the spins to 3.

Hacksaw are great at what they do and I am a huge fan of their edgy style. This is a great and unique take on an Egyptian theme and it’s mechanically reminiscent of some of their other games - like Chaos Crew, without being an exact copy.

It is definitely an enjoyable game, and if like me, you enjoy the weird, dark and edgy slots - it is definitely worth checking out - but remember, while you might get lucky sometimes, the casino always wins in the end!

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