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Wisdom of Athena (Pragmatic Play) 2023

Wisdom of Athena is a great Ancient Greek scatter paying slot with an extremely fun bonus feature with multipliers and extra spaces revealed the more you win.

I love scatter paying games, and Wisdom of Athena is a great addition to the list.

The game starts with 6 reels and 5 symbols per reel, but there is a 6th space on each reel at the top. These spaces are unlocked by achieving winning clusters. Winning clusters are formed of at least 8 of any symbol, across anywhere on the board. To reveal the left-most top space the player only needs to get 1 winning cluster, while the right-most space requires the player to land 15 winning clusters AFTER unlocking all of the other spaces, which increase. This means that you actually need 46 clusters to open up all of these spaces! When you land a winning cluster, new symbols cascade in from above to take their spaces, and new symbols will continue to cascade in with each new win, until there are no more winning matches on the board. You can win a respectable 50x you bet, for 15 matching high symbols, which can be boosted by the multiplier symbols which go all the way up to 500x and you can land numerous multipliers in a spin. If you land 4 scatters (or buy the bonus feature for 100x you base bet), you get to the Free Spins which takes the same elements of the Base Game, but makes both the reveal feature and the multipliers stick between spins, this is where you can win big! If you land a couple of multipliers in the first few spins, even just the early double digits really begin to show their value when that multiplier is a sticky, mix that with a couple of decent spins, where the wins and cascades keep coming, and the enjoyment levels go through the roof, especially as you are more likely to hit more, and higher wins as you unlock those symbols at the top, and they stay unlocked between spins! Not that it's any surprise, but the Free Spins really make this game. The base game is completely serviceable but the Free Spins are highly enjoyable. The only things that reduce the games score is the less exciting 5,000X max win, and the symbols are only OK. Regardless of the less inspired symbol art and the lower max win. The game is definitely worth a play, particularly for Gates of Olympus fans, as it definitely feels like an improved version, but remember... ...while you may get lucky sometimes, the casino ALWAYS wins in the end.

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