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R.I.P City (Hacksaw) 2023

Ro$$ and Maxx are at it like Cat and Mouse with this visually stunning and hugely entertaining slot!

Old School animation theme. Exciting gameplay. 12.5Kx max win. What is there to say about R.I.P City that hasn’t already been said? Hacksaw has knocked it out of the park once again. The art has an obvious Hanna-Barbera inspiration. Black, white and grey flood the screen to make the yellow, pink and green pop. Ro$$ hangs out on the left of the screen - a vicious looking alley cat - missing eye and all. Maxx is the mouse on the right, flat cap, scar, a couple of cigarettes and a can of something in his hand. The vibrant characters set in the drab city alleyways give the game a simple yet effective look - the high contrast style is something that Hacksaw have mastered at this point.

In the middle of our two characters is the 5 x 5 board. It has 19 paylines, and wins between 3 and 5 of a kind. The game sits comfortably as a medium volatility game - rated 3 out of 5. Lows are the usual 10 through Ace. High symbols include a banana, skull, dice, smiley face and an eightball. Five of a high symbol can pay between 15 and 20 times the stake.

The game also features an expanding Wild Cat symbol which lands as a 1 x 1 symbol and expands from the point it lands, down to the bottom of the reel - if it would be part of a winning combination when it expands. Each space it occupies is a wild, and each reel can only house 1 wild cat symbol.

The wild cat symbol is also a sort of collector. If it expands through a wild symbol it gets a multiplier attached to the entire wild cat symbol. These multipliers go through values from 2x all the way up to 200x! If a win has 2 wild cats with multipliers as a part of the line then the values are added together which can really add up for some big wins.

Landing 3 scatter symbols in the base game awards 10 free spins in the Ro$$ bonus game, which gives better odds at landing wild cat symbols. Land 3 scatter symbols in the bonus game to receive 4 more free spins. If the player lands 4 scatter symbols during the Ro$$ bonus they are taken to the Maxx bonus game - if they have less than 10 spins, the spins are reset to 10 - if they have 10 or more spins then the amount of spins remains the same.

The player can also enter the Maxx bonus by landing 4 scatter symbols in the base game - giving them 10 free spins. During the Maxx bonus game, when a wild cat symbol lands it activates that reel, meaning that a wild cat symbol is guaranteed to land on that reel with each new spin until the end of the bonus game, so getting 3 or more of these reels activated in the early spins can lead to some great wins. Landing 3 scatters in the feature awards 4 more free spins.

To summarise, the game is great fun - yes, it’s a Hacksaw game so you could burn through some cash to get to the exciting parts - but that's what you get with Hacksaw. The visuals are simple but enticing - it’s very readable so you aren't left confused when something happens. The game does cater to bonus buy fans - without it getting to the Maxx feature is going to cost a lot of spins and potentially dampen your feeling to the game. Still, at this moment in time - it’s a favourite of mine and other fans of Hacksaw games.

Remember, while you might get lucky sometimes, the casino always wins in the end!

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