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KokeshiPop (AvatarUX) 2022

Win up to 10,000x with this Japanese Doll themed gem!

Kokeshi is the fifteenth AvatarUX game with the PopWins mechanic. The game is visually stunning, with tasteful references to the Japanese dolls that are its namesake. While it is, technically, an asian slot, it is set apart by the cartoon-like visual style.

As this is the first PopWins game that I am writing about, it would make sense to cover how it works. When you land a winning line, those symbols are removed and the reels expand, with new symbols cascading in. In the base game, the reels can expand up to 6 symbols high, but in the Free Spins they can reach 7 symbols high. Even when the reels reach their max height, symbols on winning lines are removed and new symbols cascade in until there are no new wins.

In the base game, when the reels reach 6 symbols high, a multiplier of 5, 10 or 20 is awarded. This multiplier doubles on each win from that point, but resets on the next spin.

Landing 3 to 5 scatters in the base game award 5, 8 or 12 free spins respectfully. In the Free Spins, the reels start off with a height of 4, and, as previously mentioned, can grow to 7 symbols high. This reel height is reset between each spin.

Additionally, in the Free Spins, there is a win multiplier, which starts at 1x, and doubles when the player lands consecutive wins on the same spin. If all reels are 7 symbols high, a random multiplier of 5, 10 or 20 is applied to the current win multiplier. When all reels are unlocked, all symbols fall from the grid and are fully replaced, as well as being awarded another 2 spins.

Before the Free Spins start, the player is presented with a gamble wheel, which allows them to gamble their free spins on a chance to get the next highest amount of spins. The most spins you can win is 12, but losing the gamble just takes you back to the base game.

Kokeshi is a beautiful game, the graphics are great and it stands amongst the games from more known studios with ease. It’s got a respectful max win of 10,000x, and the max reels multiplier means that you know what you're chasing after just a few spins.

It's a shame that the multiplier resets between Free Spins, but the max reel multiplier multiplying the win multiplier is definitely fun to chase.

Overall, KokeshiPop is a fun game. It looks nice, the mechanics are fun and you get a good rush when the reels expand, which is fairly common, and there is plenty to chase which makes the game very exciting.

Be sure to check the game out, but remember, while you might get lucky sometimes, the casino always wins in the end!

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