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Chaos Crew (Hacksaw Gaming) 2020

Cranky and Sketchy offer up 10,000x wins in this Hacksaw Gaming Classic!

With Chaos Crew 2 coming out, it seems like a great idea to start my reviews with the OG Chaos Crew.

Chaos Crew is part of the reason Hacksaw gaming is probably in the top 5 studios people think of when it comes to online gaming here in Europe. While it offers a smaller max win of only 10,000x, the enjoyability of the game is palpable. Even now you will find the biggest slot streamers covering this game for hours weekly and its no surprise why. It's a very easy game to get into, and when you get into it, the fun factor really kicks in.

Outside of the visuals, the base game isn't anything too crazy, but the wilds with hidden multipliers are great. Everyone likes to see a wild in their winning line as it is, but when the wild reveals a big multiplier it definitely adds a little je ne sais quoi. The base game only has 15 pay lines, but a line of 5 mid symbols will pay out 5x the bet value, and a line of 5 highs will pay out 12x. When you get to the Free Spins, the game enjoyability gets turned up to 11. You have 3 spins, and there are no win lines, only bet multipliers. Each time you land a multiplier it resets your spins. Each reel has its own multiplier meter and you are looking to fill it up as much as you can to reach those high wins. when you reach the end of your 3 spins without landing a multiplier, the Free Spins are over, the multipliers are all added together and it multiplies your base bet. Like I said, it's simple - but oh so fun!

The symbols you want to keep an eye out for in the Free Spins are the main characters and their epic versions. Land a Sketchy Skull and he will add between +1 and +20 to that reels multiplier, while landing a Cranky Cat will multiply that reels value by between x2 and x20. Their epic versions do the same thing, except their action is applied to all the reels!

The game can draw in the casual player with its fun looks, but that 10,000x will likely elude these players while draining their wallets as it is a highly volatile game. The game does have an RTP of 96.3%, so after a while you might see some of your cash returned, if you get a good run on the bonus game...

...but remember: while you can get lucky sometimes, the casino ALWAYS wins in the end!

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